Spotlight on recent papers

In collaboration with the Crawford group, we recently published a paper containing further insights into colibactin biosynthesis. This paper establishes that colibactins derive from fully linear precolibactin precursors that are liberated from the NRPSā€“PKS biosynthetic machinery. These linear precursors undergo varied cyclization pathways that depend on the presence or absence of the colibactin peptidase ClbP. This paper reported detection of the colibactin unsaturated imines in ClbP-proficient strains for the first time. Finally, a general method to elucidate domain dependencies in polyketide biosynthesis developed by the Crawford lab is reported. Congratulations Alan, Eric, and Emilee!

Our full paper describing the intermolecular hydroheteroarylation of unactivated alkenes by hydrogen atom transfer was also published. The hydropyridylation we recently developed was extended to imidazole, pyridine, quinoline, isoquinoline, and pyridazine-based hetereoarenium salts. We show that these salts are useful reagents in other Minisci-type couplings. Finally we describe the site-selective hydroheteroarylation of polyenes. Congratulations Xiaoshen, John, and Hester!

We also published a paper describing synthetic and computational studies of the antimalarial alkaloids known as the ocimicides. Detailed high-level NMR calculations in conjunction with spectroscopic analysis of our advanced synthetic intermediates suggest that the report structures of the metabolites are in need of revision. Congratulations Herman and Freddy and thanks to Choukri Ben Mamoun and Paul Rablen for a great collaboration!

Finally Stephen and Mingshuo's synthesis of 12-epi-mutilins was recently published. This work lays the foundation for the production of novel antibiotics active against Gram-negative and drug-resistant pathogens. Congratulations Stephen and Mingshuo!

Thank you everyone for all of your hard work!