Seth is named the Milton Harris '29 Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry

Seth was recently named the Milton Harris '29 Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry.

Milton Harris was a graduate student at Yale who went on to become the director of the textile research group at the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) and later, the vice president of research at the Gillette company. He published over 200 scientific papers and 35 patents during the course of his career. Among his myriad contributions, his group at the NBS supported the WWII effort through the design of improved textiles and chemical manufacturing processes for the army. His contributions were recognized by award of the Perkin, Priestly, and Wilbur Cross medals, election to the National Academy of Engineering, and the Naval Ordnance Development Award, among others. More information about Milton Harris can be found here. This Chair was previously held by our esteemed colleague Alanna Schepartz, who is currently a Sterling Professor of Chemistry. We are extremely grateful to Milton Harris for establishing this Chair!